Lefkas Marine to Port Atheni. 20 Aug 2012

A lovely first day on board with the kids! Chris has just taken them to the local taverna for an apple juice in the dingy – its 2130 but they are on holiday time now. It’s gloriously warm, and I’m still very hot, this is to remind me that my concern for chilly nights & bringing at least one fleece each plus jumpers was probably not warranted.

We got some real sailing in for a good hour or more and then motored a bit as the wind changed & the kids grew impatient to jump in & swim.
We’ ve anchored along with a dozen other boats in the small natural harbour with a Sunsail flotilla who are alongside the taverna. Chris took great interest as all of their boats moored stern to with an anchor off the bow. We’ll have to be doing this at some point this week, but tonight we were just happy to anchor safely.

The water is crystal clear, although the bottom is quite silted & rocky at this particular spot. I’ve got cuts from snorkelling off the shore with the kids & William nearly drowned me by clinging like a limpet round my neck in deep water when he got jumpy. I wasn’t as sympathetic as I should have been when he then got cut too, but salt water & a bit of savlon for William before bed should sort it.

So this is not a great place to snorkel from shore but a fab place to swim from the boat. The water is beautifully warm and the kids piled into their armbands & rings & were swimming off the back for over an hour with one of us. Chris had to chase after Amelie’s Disney rubber ring in the dingy after it escaped and I couldn’t stand the wailing any more, but otherwise a generally calm & chilled day. Well, I suppose the bottle of wine helps.

Chris has taken the Walkie talkie so he is Little Syrena and the boat is Syrena, just in case it’s the police channel. We’re going to head round the corner tomorrow for more of the same but with sand, hopefully. No sign of the kidlings & gorgeous boy, so I’ll just have to break out the kindle, yippee.







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