Ormos Sivota 21-22 Aug 2012

We’ve just left Sivota, having spent two nights in the harbour, persuaded by the beautiful crystal clear sea & welcoming Greek village. We anchored in the bay overnight & spent the day alongside. It’s a pretty natural harbour kept alive in the recession by an abundance of charter flotillas who fill the tavernas every night. Half built houses litter the hills overlooking the bay and you can’t help hoping that things turn around soon, it’s sad to see them abandoned.

On route to Sivoto we anchored off a small gravel beach off Ni Sidha, and had our first experience of tying a warp to a tree! It worked well, we snorkelled & kayaked off the back, but we might have pushed our luck with the depth. We came down to 0.2m below the keel, but on further inspections with a snorkel the depth gauge was definitely wrong and we were sitting on the seaweed. We moved shortly afterwards, which meant me swimming out to the tree to untie the warp, the plan being for me to catch a ride back by clinging to the rope. Needless to say I swam all the way back as well, we need practice on our semaphore!

The days have been filled with swimming from the boat, relaxing, reading plus Chris taking the kayak on missions around the harbour with the kids, who have brought back a pet sea snail. Thank goodness for Octonauts, Amelie & William know more about the creatures in the sea than we do! We brought quite a few electronic gadgets to keep them amused. Mainly because they are small & easy to pack! But they have been drawing, playing hide & seek (on a boat not even the size of our kitchen) and all the clothes pegs now have names. A great night ashore in a Greek Taverna topped off the evening, and we upped anchor to leave about 9am, but the wind hasn’t yet joined us!









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