Will Skinner

Introducing Will, a sailor aged 6 ūüôā

Our youngest, Will, took to the water straight away. His ability in a dinghy or kayak is completely at odds with his classroom learning. Often in his own bubble at school, easily distracted & lacking focus, he comes into his own when given a bit of independence & a boat. He knows everything. In that way six (now seven) year olds do; you can’t show him, he KNOWS already; so ultimately¬†he has to figure it out himself.

The thing is, he just LOVES being in control of our dinghy or kayak. He is his own master & captain, happily going off adventuring (within sight of Mummy & Daddy), and making his own way.

We really believe that taking Will away from the classroom environment, and allowing him his freedom to learn in the way that works for him, will be of huge benefit to his development. We are not under any illusions that this will be easy on us, but we will work with him to ensure during our year away he keeps up with his school work, but also grows in so many other areas and breaks out of his bubble to become more confident, focussed and responsible.


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