Lazy Days in Martinique

29-07-16 Grand Anse / Anse-d’Arlets

We spent a couple of lovely nights in Grand Anse bay with its crystal clear water and turtles swimming around the boat. The snorkelling was sparse but the turtles made up for lack of many other fish. We managed a family swim with a turtle, plus a lot of individual sightings.  Amazing creatures and really not bothered by the random humans in their space.

We discovered the cruising guide was completely wrong about a lot of the facilities here. There is no customs check in desk, it’s in the next bay  (although we never actually  located it – just went on several wild goose chases!) There are a few bars & a tourist shop – all very friendly. There is hardly any English spoken & my A level French is holding up well enough so far, with a bit of help from Google translate when we have connection!

Moving around the corner to Anse d’Arlets this morning we discovered another pretty village with a gorgeous little church on the seafront at its centre. The bay is buoyed but has few boats, and the anchorage is a little more rocky than next door. It is an amazingly pretty little place with more local bustle than Grand Anse.


In our unsuccessful exploration to find the customs, we visited the marché, bought Tuna & Marlin from the beachside fisherman, spoke to all the ladies in the hairdressers, and had some happy comments from the guys in the rum shack. The kids had a wonderful time on the beach whilst we cooled down with a couple of ‘Despos’ or Desperado beers at one of the many beach bars.


A fine feast of grilled Marlin whilst star spotting from the cockpit was a fitting end to the day, only interrupted by a huge dolphin size fish leaping out of the water by the boat. We suspect a ray – but who knows?



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