Petit St Vincent & Syrena Renaming Ceremony 

The private island of PSV is a boutique hotel for those that can afford bespoke undisturbed luxury in the heart of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film land territory. White sand beaches, turquoise waters give way to breathtaking views of the other small picturesque islands that make up the Grenadines.

Arriving as it got dark, after a race via Clifton on Union Island to check in, we were lucky to hit a sandy patch to anchor  just off the beach. We weren’t really planning to stay long, but the arrival of some of our cruising friends, plus the easy swim to shore, combined with just stunning views across the Grenadines – it’s drawn us in.  So far we’ve been here for 5 nights!

During the season a cottage here costs nearly £10,000 a week and is exclusively guests only. Luckily the season doesn’t start until the 4th of November! Whilst the island staff here are busy tidying, cleaning, refurbishing and generally getting ready for the next clients, they have been very tolerant of our brief forays onto their shores.

My happy place

I have spent a very lazy couple of afternoons (after morning boat school) hanging in a thatched hammock overlooking the beach with the waves lapping underneath, or just chilling on a sunbed as the kids played on the beach searching for sea grapes and coconuts.. (we do feed them honestly!!)

The anchorage is never empty for long and with the arrival of our friends aboard the yachts Trismic, Avanti and Party of Five, we decided to hold our long awaited naming ceremony for Syrena.

Originally French registered and called Warvor, we have only recently received our British registration for our yacht, Syrena, on the Small Ships Register (SSR), and the authority to fly the blue ensign of the Royal Artillery Yacht Club. To ensure continuing good fortune of the vessel we needed to undertake an auspicious ceremony to appease the gods of the sea. Surprisingly this was not something in our repertoire, so we consulted Google.

With ceremony wording to hand, our friends invited & the bunting raised we renamed Syrena in style. Casting out the name ‘Warvor’ from Neptune’s locker, by throwing an engraved ingot into the sea (an EC one dollar coin that Amelie engraved with her jewellery crafting engraver!!) We then named Syrena with a lot of red wine thrown around, even more drunk and some green branches laid on the deck. It was lovely to be able to ask our friend Bobby Cooper from Avanti to name Syrena, he is one of the most experienced sailors we’ve met and can certainly tell a lot of war stories of survival at sea, and is also the guy to ask if you ever need help when singing ‘Bat Out of Hell’ as we found out much later on in the proceedings!!

Serena – Ready for the ceremony

Taking advantage of the dearth of clientele on the island we all proceeded ashore for a picnic lunch the next day, to shake off the hangovers… Umm, I mean, search for coconuts! With our coconut expert, Travis, from Party of Five, along with his machete, we all foraged whilst taking a lovely walk around the island. This resulted in copious coconut eating and drinking, somewhat alleviating the need for the carefully packed picnic.

I’m sure we’ll move on tomorrow or the next day. It’s lovely to just settle for a bit & get to know a place. The next island Petit Martinique is just a short dinghy ride away and Chris has been over shopping a couple of times just to keep us topped up. Even today,  which is Thanksgiving in Grenada. Amelie & Chris were stood outside the closed shop when the owner walked past & opened it up for them.

We aren’t in a rush to go anywhere, there are no deadlines, and our timeline is loose. We’ll move when the wind is right or our friends are calling. The other three boats Trismic, Avanti & Party of Five have already left and we’ll catch up with them again soon hopefully. Other friends aboard Sandy Feet arrived soon after and the kids have been playing ever since. Coconut jewellery is the new craze, and they are certainly very good at making it. Amelie & Lexi made a heart then split it between them – very sweet!!  There’s also a French boat in the bay, s/v Zelma, with a girl Amelie’s age, so she needs to brush up on her French (as do we all).

Meanwhile I’m sat on the beach (having been politely moved on from my illegal sunbed!!) with a gentle warm breeze blowing over me, the distant sound of a Thanksgiving Reggae beat making its way from Petit Martinique, with a Diet Coke & couple of hours until sunset to read my kindle. Life is good.



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